Cristiano Amendola_Investigator

Cristiano Amendola earned a PhD at Università della Basilicata in 2022. He holds a BA in Modern Literature and an MA in Italian philology from Federico II University of Naples. In 2018 he received also a PhD degree at Liège University. He was digital fellow for Early Modern Letters Online, the database of the Cultures of Knowledge project (Oxford University), digital editor of Giorgio Vasari’s correspondence for the EpistolART project (Université de Liège) and associate research fellow on the SKILLNET project (Utrecht University).


Fulvio Delle Donne_Tutor

Fulvio Delle Donne is Associate Professor of Medieval and Humanistic Latin Literature (SSD L-Fil-Let/08) at the University of Basilicata and is qualified as Full Professor for the same SSD and for Medieval History (SSD M-Sto/01). His main lines of research are: rhetoric, medieval epistolography and ars dictaminis; medieval and humanistic historiography; literary legitimacy of power in medieval and humanistic age; culture and cultural institutions in medieval and humanistic age; transmission and tradition of ancient texts; ecdotics theory and practice. He is the president of the European Center for Studies on Aragonese Humanism and Renaissance - CESURA (, and the director of the connected International Interuniversity Center. He is director of many international editorial Series or scientific Journals, and is membre acadèmic elected of the Reial Acadèmia de Bones Lletres de Barcelona.


Alfredo Cosco_IT

Alfredo Cosco is graduate in Middleage History working in ICT. His main interests are in ICT nested with humanities, with a focus on developing applications for History, Cultural Heritage and Text-Encoding. He worked since 2002 as a teacher or consultant with Schools, Universities, Public Administrations, Industries and Cultural Institutions.